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Agape Unlimited owns and operates two housing programs that provide our patients with safe, affordable, clean, and sober living environments that are conducive to recovery while participating in chemical dependency treatment.

Clean and Sober Living

Koinonia Inn Transitional Housing Program

Sisyphus II Permanent Housing Program

The Koinonia Inn is a highly structured housing program with supportive services for at-risk women who have lost or are in jeopardy of losing their children due to addiction. This program provides 14 transitional housing beds for up to 6 pregnant or parenting women and 8 of their children. Supportive services provided include on-site licensed childcare, case management, and teaching everyday living skills.

The Sisyphus II Housing Program has three separate components that provide independent, permanent living environments for homeless, chemically dependent individuals and families in recovery. Project Base consists of a group living setting in two five-bedroom homes, Sponsor Base consists of 14 units in the community leased to Agape and then sub-leased to participants, and Tenant Base consists of 8 units in the community leased to residents in their own name. These programs house up to 40 individuals and their families.

Having a safe home is essential