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Chemical dependency is a disease, plainly and simply put. Have you ever wondered why an addict can't just stop using? Addiction cannot be treated simply by telling a person to try harder. Chemicals introduced into the body have a profound effect on the brain, altering its chemistry and making it nearly impossible to stop on your own. Addiction can be treated, but just like any other disease, it takes professional care. Behind your addiction is a life you deserve. Let our team help you discover it today.

The Disease



Many individuals may experiment with chemicals at some point in their lives. The turning point is when use becomes an addiction and the body becomes dependent on the chemicals. This is when treatment is imperative. Agape Unlimited performs quality addiction assessments to determine and recommend the appropriate level of care. Our treatment team will develop a comprehensive treatment plan that best fits your life.

Programs offered include Alcohol and Drug Evaluations, DUI Assessments, Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program, Outpatient Treatment Program, Relapse Prevention Program, Pregnant & Parenting Women Program, Alcohol and Drug Information School (ADIS), Parent Child Assistance Program (PCAP), Permanent and Transitional Housing Programs, and Licensed Childcare Programs. Our programs are extensive and work for people from all walks of life.

Addiction can be treated